Trying to duplicate formatted online Excel when duplicating Form

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Hi, I haven't been able to find anything on the forum quite fitting my situation yet.


I am setting up survey forms for 100+ faculty members across our educational programs for our students to evaluate them. Students will get the URLs to the surveys of the faculty in their program; they sometimes interact with faculty from other programs or teachers that aren't in our org, so it's important that they are told who specifically they should evaluate. Once the students evaluate the faculty, administration then wants to send the anonymous results to the faculty members in a nice, compiled report.


I currently have a master survey that I will be duplicating from. I submitted a trial response, and then set up a "report" page on the Excel Online workbook the form generated. It works fine, and saves between openings.


However, when duplicating the survey form, I've realized that I cannot access the Excel Online spreadsheet until a response is received in the duplicated form. I submitted a trial response in a duplicated form and discovered that the Excel Online workbook does not duplicate along with the form (basically, I only had the responses, and no report page).


Is there a way I can:

- duplicate the Excel Online workbook along with a Form, or

- view the Excel Online workbook created by the Form before submitting a response, or

- easily duplicate the Report page without having to manually adjust cell references to that workbook, or

- An easier way to go about this project that I'm just missing?


Thank you!

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Currently, an online Excel file is generated only once responses are received, you cannot have an Excel file for a duplicated form that has not yet received any responses.