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Hi I write from Italy. Is it possible to add an entry text (for example a short story) students can read before they answer questions, as it happens in Google Forms? Thanks

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Hi Davide,


Thanks for the feedback.


Do you mean a text section, which doesn't belong to any question?




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I would assume that is what @Davide is referring to. Sometimes it is helpful to provide a piece of information that can be used for multiple questions. Davide in the short term, you could always copy and paste a text into a question that requires no answer. Then indicate that they will use that text for the following questions for example. Give that question 0 points and it would work similarly?

I mean a text that can be read at the beginning of the form and used for multiple questions.



Thanks. I think it could work. I've gotta try it in the next form.

Surely it would be easier to add a text field at the beginning of the form (the description field allows only a limited number of words).