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I have a simple form we use internally for staff to complete  when they come into the office. It has basic text fields like name, number, email etc..  They usually scan a QR code which takes their mobile browser to the form to complete.


The issue we are having is that people who are coming in regularly have to manually type up all of the required field information, usually on their mobile devices which is cumbersome.


I've checked browsers on desktops and mobile devices (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc) and the form behaviour is the same across all.


Is it possible to enable previous value caching on the page so that when users click on a field on their mobile device it will bring up the previous entry used, allowing them to just click and select the data to populate the field with.


Lots of other similar forms (e.g. when scanning at a cafe or shop) allows this functionality.


Do i need to look at Forms Pro, or just a setting i can enable on the current form?



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@VanjaN1981 there's no cache setting you can set in Forms to do what you want. You might be able to achieve this by using a list of your staff in a SharePoint list then building an app in Power Apps that gets the current user and brings back "their" previous data from the SharePoint list. I'll investigate it because I  need to build a similar app this week to re-use/recycle risk assessments submitted by our staff so they don't have to complete a long form in Word each time.


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