Create a Quiz when starting from OneDrive or Excel Online?

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Is it possible to create a Quiz when starting from OneDrive for Business or Excel Online?  If so, how?


I've tried starting from both OneDrive and Excel Online and it seems like I can only create a Form, not a Quiz.


My ultimate goal is to capture the total points earned value (and user info) from a completed quiz so I can put it into a SharePoint List (using Flow).


So I'm thinking if I can:

1. Create a Quiz when starting from OneDrive or Excel Online, and

2. The form info that is automatically pushed to Excel includes the points earned


then I could use Flow to put the points info (and the user info) into a SharePoint List.


The total points info appears in the spreadsheet when I click on "Open in Excel" when on the Form's Responses tab.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that the points info is available when I use the "Get response details" step in Flow.





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Hi @rgentile 


There's no way to create a Quiz from OD/SP at this time nor am I aware of any way to extract the score from the Excel doc as it's hosted by Microsoft rather than your own OD/SP.


You can advocate for this feature on UserVoice on this existing request I have found!


Best wishes



Hello @Damien Rosario 


Thanks for your time, the quick reply and information.  I've added my voice to the request for this feature.


Have a great day!




Happy to help and best wishes to you.





Hi @Damien Rosario and  @rgentile ,


How are you?


One year later after your post, I have the same need, so I wonder if now is already available.


And more because even thoug the feature seems to be avilable in the New Menu edit  function (Encuesta para Excel):



But when I try to create it, it doesn't appears (Just Forms for Excel):



 Thanks for your help


Best Regards!


Andrés Posada 




Hi @andresposadaf 


As far as I know, there's been nothing happening on this front just yet for either creating a Quiz from OneDrive nor the ability to extract the quiz results using something like Power Automate.


Best wishes with your Quizzes!