Create a Quiz when starting from OneDrive or Excel Online?

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Is it possible to create a Quiz when starting from OneDrive for Business or Excel Online?  If so, how?


I've tried starting from both OneDrive and Excel Online and it seems like I can only create a Form, not a Quiz.


My ultimate goal is to capture the total points earned value (and user info) from a completed quiz so I can put it into a SharePoint List (using Flow).


So I'm thinking if I can:

1. Create a Quiz when starting from OneDrive or Excel Online, and

2. The form info that is automatically pushed to Excel includes the points earned


then I could use Flow to put the points info (and the user info) into a SharePoint List.


The total points info appears in the spreadsheet when I click on "Open in Excel" when on the Form's Responses tab.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that the points info is available when I use the "Get response details" step in Flow.





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Hi @rgentile 


There's no way to create a Quiz from OD/SP at this time nor am I aware of any way to extract the score from the Excel doc as it's hosted by Microsoft rather than your own OD/SP.


You can advocate for this feature on UserVoice on this existing request I have found!


Best wishes


Hello @Damien Rosario 


Thanks for your time, the quick reply and information.  I've added my voice to the request for this feature.


Have a great day!



Happy to help and best wishes to you.




Hi @Damien Rosario and  @rgentile ,


How are you?


One year later after your post, I have the same need, so I wonder if now is already available.


And more because even thoug the feature seems to be avilable in the New Menu edit  function (Encuesta para Excel):



But when I try to create it, it doesn't appears (Just Forms for Excel):



 Thanks for your help


Best Regards!


Andrés Posada 



Hi @andresposadaf 


As far as I know, there's been nothing happening on this front just yet for either creating a Quiz from OneDrive nor the ability to extract the quiz results using something like Power Automate.


Best wishes with your Quizzes!




@andresposadaf I was hopeful when I saw your post, but that menu for Excel Survey is not related to Forms. :sad:

It seems that the Excel Survey option is for input from external users in your Sharepoint and it's only available if external sharing is activated in Sharepoint. That's why the option doesn't show up for you (or for me).

Sadly, that means that we have no solution for extracting Quiz points into Excel automatically.