Branching issue

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Hi all


Is anyone else having major issues with forms today, where you open it and the branching is correct, and then you open it again and the branching is totally wrong, bringing up different answers that don't match the background branching? Happening on multiple forms...please help

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@JenLewis Same issue with multiple forms.  I have had to put a couple of my programs on hold because I cannot capture accurate data.  It has been happening since last week for me.


It's very frustrating isn't it. Our compliance is heavily impacted by this so we've had to move everything from Forms to a more reliable source. @David2105 

What did you end up moving to?@JenLewis 


I have the branching issue as well.

Issue: When branching to "Section" is chosen, the form does not direct to the "Section."


There are 2 options at Question 10:

  • Option 1: Yes, I agree
  • Option 2: No (take me to Section X)

If option 2 is selected, the form does not direct to Section X but it shows "Back" and "Submit" buttons instead.


NB: Go to is NOT set to "End of Form" in Section X