Apply NPS score in the sent email


Hi is it possible to have the NPS score numbers displayed on the sent email. So that they can just click a number in the email body and it will pipe their selection to the form. Something similar to this email below:


AskNicely Survey Email.png

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Hi @Mike282

Not currently. There are several uservoices open including this one to add forms within emails

I have specifically raised this uservoice for this integration here and linked it back to this post

This would be a good functionality to have: it is bringing the form to the user to there is a good chance many would find it more convenient to complete it. This would add to an already maturing Forms app. However, with uservoices it could take some time to pick up if at all so as well as getting people to vote for this, I would recommend bringing it up on any future AMA's here on the community in the future.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris