New bookings not showing Name Fields in Meeting title

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In the past, a person's name would be a part of the name of the meeting so we could tell who the meeting would be with. Now it is only showing the Service name but no client name. Is there any way to change this back to how it originally was? 

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It sounds like you're encountering an issue with the way meeting names are displayed, particularly the absence of the participant's name in the meeting title. Start by reviewing the settings or preferences of the application or platform you're using for meetings (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.). Look for options related to meeting naming conventions or display settings. There may be an option to include participant names in meeting titles.
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Thanks for the reply. To answer, we use Microsoft Teams. However, this was being done through Microsoft Bookings before. Therefore, I believe this would have to be integrated through Bookings, correct? I've searched through Microsoft Teams and there are no options for display settings that i can find, unfortunately.

I am running into the same issue along with Bookings embedding broken Teams links into the client side invite though the "add online meeting" is turned off. It's sounds like there are a number of changes happening in the backend which is creating many bugs/issues. I hope this is resolved soon as it is drastically effecting my business. 

@LisaSuk  I am having the same issue. Previously it would display on my calendar Phone interview - Name. Now it only shows Phone interview. I have to open the calendar invite to find the name in the body of the invite.