Calendar entries are not showing booking person if not signed in with company email.

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I have an annoying issue: I use bookings to setup meetings with my students in the university. The university uses SSO (yes we are so progressive). Now the thing is if a student fills in an appointment from the booking page with name, email, etc as text fields the created calendar entry is still useless and only tells me it is a "Multi Customer booking". 




There is actually also in the details no option to check who made the "Project Meeting" appointment. 
Could the dev team maybe just use all the filled-in fields and copy them into the calendar comments?? Better would be to have them/the name in the calendar entry title. 


Thank you!


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Nobody?? Anything? Not even a small word from one of the developers that this is a known or unknown issue??

@Michael_Behrischmy guess is you're viewing this from your own personal Outlook calendar and not from the MS Bookings Calendar view?

In all of my instances I can clearly see the details of the created appointments in the MS Bookings calendar view, only NOT from the Outlook calendar of the booked person.


Also, I don't think developers are actually monitoring this forum.

I see this problem for every appointment I make. No details in the appointment subject except the generic name of the appointment, no details in the appointment message, no details in the Bookings calendar in Teams either. The only way I can see details (particularly the custom fields) is to go into the Bookings calendar on the web, export to CSV, open in Excel, search for the appointment. This is pretty crazy.