Microsoft Bookings - multiple calendar bookings

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I have a Microsoft Bookings set up with myself and 4 other training staff who are available for people to book appointments with. I have also added 2 other staff who are currently our admin, who then populate our bookings with GoToMeeting links for customers and my 4 training staff.

Bookings speaks to our outlook calendar and both the person the session is booked with and the customer get email notifications. Everyone on the entire system is set up as admin btw.

Currently the bookings calendar populates with the event in 1 calendar, but our admin staff have a shared calendar that shows evryones availability.

I would like it to populate their shared calendar automatically as well with out us opening the event and forwarding it to them.


Is this possible ?


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I agree, kind of crazy this wasn't available years ago.  Please vote for it here, the number one requested feature: