Disabling Verification Code Email

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Is it possible to disable the need for the verification code email when booking a meeting through Bookings with me? 


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Hi @Kelvin_Lim2395,

This is a by design behavior for additional security. This verification code is not required for an user who is logged into a Microsoft account. Hope this info helps. If this is an enhancement request, will submit this ask for the product prioritization.


Thank you!

@Sreereji we are testing out Bookings, and I got prompted to verify my email even though I was logged in to my Microsoft account. It didn't even ask for my email address, it picked it up from my logged-in account, but then it asked me to verify it, which is extremely confusing.


The booking and the account are both in the same tenant.


Are you 100% sure that what you said is the intended behaviour? If so, then this is a pretty serious bug.

I understand the security desires here but for non technical guest users, requiring a verification code might scare them away. We have used Calendly forever and want to switch over to Bookings but this verification code functionality is a barrier to adoption. Can it be added to the product as optional? @Sreereji 

Same here, customer experience is terrible with the verification code.