Microsoft Bookings Is Ignoring Blocked Times and Showing as Available

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Hi there, I am experiencing an issue with MS Bookings showing time slots as available when they already have been booked. What's especially odd, is that it's properly working for most event in my calendar, but not for the events booked with MS Bookings. I booked 4 test calls on March 29th from 3pm - 5pm. 



However, when booking, I still see those time slots as available: 



Any idea why this is happening? 


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@dylchuck, the booked service shown in the snapshot looks to be a group service (more than 1 slot). Since there are still slots available for these service durations, it is showing as available on the booking page. Once all the slots are booked, it will cease to appear. Hope that helps.  

@Debasish_Thakur thank you! It is indeed a group service. Is there any way that you are aware of to have the slot disappear if anyone in the group is busy at that time? I need everyone in the group to be available in order for the option to appear

@Debasish_Thakur  for more context, I already have had this toggle on:



It says "...when all staff members assigned are together available to attend". So shouldn't it no longer show those slots as available?