shared mailbox in different domain

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Hi Reader,


I've 2 Shared Mailboxes, i.e. and in my tenant(

and I want to forward some attachments to SAP mailbox (i.e. whenever an email gets into the above mentioned email boxes and I want to configure the flows using (


but I'm totally confused how to create as they were completely in different domains. some of questions were!

1. how to configure a flow for the mentioned email ids ( & can both of them can be configured under or it has to be configured under

2. somewhere I heard, it is not possible to access using since is not the part of! is it correct ? 

3. I'm thinking write some info into SharePoint lists, if both ( & are different then we have to create 2 different SharePoint sites and 2 different flows for each in and ? 

4. can flow is capable to forward the emails to 1 domain to another domain ? i.e. (shared mailbox in ite environment) to (sap mail in r1p 


any thoughts ?


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Start by telling us is this for Office 365/Exchange Online or on-premises? Are all the mentioned domains part of the same tenant or different ones (different forests if on-prem)?
Hi @Vasil Michev,
For your questions,
1. It is O365
2. currently it is two different tenants (both are 0365). what will be the case if both are under single tenant ? and what if in different tenants
Things will be much, much easier if they're in the same tenant. You can forward messages across different domains, but external forwarding is now off by default so you need to make changes as detailed here: