Unable to send an email from a shared mailbox with a different domain

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I have a single O365 tenant with multiple domains.

I have active users with the first domain eg 

I created a shared mailbox and had to use the workaround to create by adding a,  I then added an alias  and made this primary, and then deleted the original .

I have set Read and Manage and Send As permissions to , and have set sent items copied to mailbox 

I can email,  and can successfully reply, the reply is delivered and the mail is displayed in sent items

However, if I write a new email and change the From by selecting  from the Global Address List the email appears as sent with no error, but is never delivered.

I have read through a number of similar queries and fixes but still cannot get this to work.

Many thanks

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@Vasil Michev I setup a trace and it showed delivered today!  I checked sending and receiving and it all worked.  Maybe it needs time to propagate within 365?

Dunno, strange things happen in the cloud sometimes :)
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