Word - Onedrive Sync failed?

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yesterday when i was working on my word document my Windows 10 PC restarted automatically because of an update.

After the restart a blank Word sheet was opened. 

I worked on a word dokument for days and after the restart the file was only available in the version of 08.05.2021 from my OneDrive. I Activated automatic saving with onedrive in word (Office 365), so i did not save it manually before the unexpected restart.

The Version history only shows the 08.05.2021 and today when i opened this older Version of the file.


Can anyone help to find the missing versions (last from 12.05.2021)? 

I dont understand why the version history is empty until back to 08.05.2021.

i worked alot in between these days.


Best regards and thank you in advance.



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Hi @HelpMax8 ,

first of all: do you get notifications about the failing sync? If so check out this (even that its O365 Business):


If you can maybe this helps you:


If this doesn't help you aswell, I dont think it's looking good for you. Since I know this feeling, I can tell you, that at least you learned something for the future:
"No backup, no mercy"

Best regards,

"First, No system is safe. Second, Aim for the impossible. Third no Backup, no Mercy" - Schnittlauch

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