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Hi all,


I am developing an outlook add-in that can be used to order a sandwich when creating an calendar entry in outlook. By default,  outlook web add-ins are available when reading a mail. I want this add-in to be available when creating/updating a calendar entry.


In the documentation I found that the manifest file should include rule with type appointment:




But this does not seem to work for me.


Mail add-in

Adding the addin to a mail works perfectly:


     open any mail > 3 dots > get addins > my addins > add custom addin > select xml file






     - Helloworldaddin is available in every mail opened for reading.

     - Helloworldaddin is not available for calendar events.



Calendar entry

If I use the same procedure in a calendar entry, nothing happens.

I don't even get a popup to add a custom add-in.


     open calendar event > 3 dots > get add-ins >


      no pup-up to add my add-in..





Has anyone any idea?

Big thanks







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