Windows 10 Enterprise not activating

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Hoping someone can help me figure out where I am going wrong with activating my Windows 10 Enterprise license.


I have licenses for Microsoft 365 E3 (GCC-High version) and Windows 10 Enterprise E5 (Also GCCHIGH).  I am running an Azure AD joined computer with Windows 10 Pro (version 2004).  We are AAD-only, not hybrid.


From everything I am reading (, since I am AAD joined and have the M365 E3 license and E5 upgrade license assigned to me, it should be activating automatically.  When I check my activation status, it only shows my Windows 10 Pro license - not even a failed activation for the Enterprise license.  


Thanks for any advice, let me know if more info would be helpful.

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Did you find a solution for this? I too have this exact same problem. I have confirmed all the requirements are in place but there are no error messages in the Activation area and my Surface Pro 4 just stays on Pro with its existing OEM license.