How to search emails in shared mailboxes in Outlook 365

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When I search keyword, Outlook only shows the result from my default mailbox (personal mailbox). I have linked 2 more common mailboxes that I share with my team. None of us is able to find emails in the se common mailboxes. When we search for the unique keywords, Outlook only shows result from default Mailbox.


OS: Windows 10

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Hi @nip_iv,

to search directly the shared mailbox you can locate (click) to a shared mailbox folder (for example Inbox folder of the shared mailbox) in your outlook. 


Then, click on the search bar and on the left the new menu should appear. You can choose "All mailboxes", "Current folder" or "All Outlook elements". Then enter your keywords and press Enter.



Open and use a shared mailbox in Outlook - Microsoft Support

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Hi, Leon.

It is working when I choose "Current Folder" but not working when I choose "All Mailboxes" and "All Outlook Items". When I choose later two options then it only shows email result from my default Mailbox. Why I need later two options - because I want to see if there is any email related to the keyword in any of the three mailboxes. Thank you.