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Hello, I have revised my question as it was way too broad.


My organisation is using 365 E1 Nonprofit. Have around 25 licensed users. Several of these are admins but only 1 admin has a reasonable idea of how to use it (guess who?)


Previous culture:

- team emails - set up user mailbox and have individuals log in via Outlook 2016

- shared files - set up Dropbox and have everyone sync to this (no permission hierarchy)


Several of these 'pseudo-user' team mailboxes were retained when we transferred to 365/Exchange on the advice of an external IT support organisation. After trial and error with shared or group mailboxes, I'll admit they had a point, at least until group mailboxes gets folders!


Our needs:

- a repository for documents that all staff can access/search. Possibly with metadata searching to get away from the Dropbox Folder Nightmare or the Where Did I Put That PDF About CPR Training?

- a place (or several different places) to keep shared documents for sub-groups of staff that only they can access

- a way to keep the entire org informed of news from teams, or show everyone news from outside

- an online 'Bible' of common How To... guides for the org. Maintainable by all; perhaps a shared Notebook or wiki?


Anyone been in a similar situation and have some good advice? 


Many Thanks


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Hi! Yeah, that was a broad question :)

I’d suggest you break it up a little! Explain your scenario and what you want to accomplish! Also, what licenses do you have/ number of users etc

From what you wrote I’d say just briefly and quick:

Shared mailboxes for needed distributed communication (and external) in mail!

Use groups/ ms teams for project management och communication
One group/team for each project

Maybe utilize a single sharepointsite/ group for all company info and comm


Not blowing our own trumpet, but that's what the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook ( tries to do. We're all about sorting out the different parts of Office 365 to tell you how to use them effectively and easily. 

Thanks Tony,


I notice there's a charge for this. Is there a preview section available?



Yes, Office 365 for IT Pros needs to be paid for. But its price pales into insignificance if you compare it to what it would cost to speak to a consultant for a day (or even an hour). You can get a sample chapter at You might also like to read our FAQ at to understand how we publish and update the book on a regular basis to keep pace with Office 365. Keeping material relevant and accurate is the biggest issue in publishing anything about Office 365. Material written today is not necessarily right tomorrow...

Hi Adam,


Post duly revised. Does this help at all?

Thanks very much I will check out the preview

Ill check it out in a bit :)

Set up an org-wide team which will include all internal staff ( Do this directly from teams as an global admin) Create appropriate channels for news etc! You can have a wiki or one note here! @mention when you want to get attention for all staff! 

You could also use a SharePoint site for common documents and news! Or both since this site can be embedded as a tab in that org-wide team!


Next you set up teams for each department / group / project where you want to limit the members! Have all your team files here and communicate.. Create channels for different topics to separate conversations and files from each other!