How can I escalate issues in Office 365?

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I have had a support case running with 365 for a couple of weeks. They close the ticket over the New Zealand weekend because of time differences, I reopen it and then have to provide the same information again. My question is, how can I escalate poor service?




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I've probably had a couple dozen tickets over the years, but there was one that I finally got frustrated and demanded to speak to the supervisor. It did get a little better action on their end and actually eventually ended up with a different tech that eventually led to a solution.

Not saying you'll have the same experience.

Just ask the agent to escalate, if he gives you grief demand to speak with manager.

Hi Mark,


The best way to escalate is if you have Premier Support or through a Partner that have Premier.


If you do not have it, Phone to them and explain that situation.

If you can provide the case numbers, I am sure that @Anne Michels would be interested to understand why agents close cases when they are not resolved.

Thanks @Tony Redmond. You can @mention me @Russell Read if you have any feedback on our Office 365 support experience and I'd be happy to chat.


@Mark Weusten - I can take a look at the support ticket to find out what happened. Typically, I wouldn't expect our support teams to close a ticket due to time zone alone, but maybe we'll find that they were unsuccessful in contacting you for some reason. If you can send me the ticket number, I'll take a look to see what happened. I appreciate that this doesn't solve your immediate problem, but if we've got an opportunity to improve, I can get the feedback to the right team.


If you prefer to send your ticket number or continue the conversation privately, you can contact me via e-mail

Hi, I opened Office 365 Ticket #30126-6568290 which was closed over the NZ weekend and I asked for it to be reopened. The time difference is always an issue as none of the engineers seem to be aware of the time difference in New Zealand. I was told case couldnt be reopened and to create a new one. So Office 365 Ticket #30126-6726237 was created and I still havent had anyone reach me during NZT.



Thanks @Mark Weusten.


I took a look at both tickets and it does look like we've been pretty unsuccessful in contacting you. Sorry that we've not delivered a great experience for you on this occasion.


I spoke with our escalation team earlier today they told me that they tried to call you several times but they haven't been able to reach you. It also seems that your voicemail box is full so they aren't able to leave voice messages when they call you.


I have asked the team to e-mail you to arrange a good time to call you. Hopefully we can get your issue resolved soon.


We have support staff working 24x7 and our teams engage with customers all over the world in all different time zones. In many cases, our teams engage with customers within minutes of the support ticket being created. We understand that our customers are busy and just want to get things up-and-running as quickly as possible, so I appreciate that it's frustrating when a support interaction doesn't go quite as it should.


I'll keep an eye on the ticket at this end, but please do let me know how you get on and if you need anything else.


-thanks, Russell.

So it is Russell, thanks for letting me know I have freed up some room. I did get a call about the ticket earlier today so thanks for checking.



Hi there,


I have a ticket # 30126-7267140:

Sending Database emails from SQL 2012 on a 2008r2 server through Office 365. When the attached file size get larger (around 14MB) it frequently but not always times out before the email can be sent. The error message reads, "The email could not be sent to the recipients because of the mail server failure. (Sending Mail using Account 3 (2018-01-30T 12:08:52). Exception Message: Cannot send mails to mail server. (The operation has timed out.). Is there a way to increase the timeout duration, or is there another way to fix this issue?


Tech Support said it was on the SQL side of it and said they cannot help me.  Very shortly after the ticket was closed we determined that the issue was timing out on the Exchange side of it, so I immediately emailed back to state this.  After a couple of attempts by them to contact me (one of which wasn't even my phone number) they have stopped responding at all to my issue, even after submitting a new ticket for the same issue.  I really need someone to respond back to me!  Can anyone help?

Hi Ray,


Apologies that we didn't help you to get this fixed with the first ticket. I can see that you have a few tickets for this same problem logged in the system that are owned by different teams on our side. I've asked the teams to assign somebody to investigate and help you get this resolved.


Hopefully we can help you to resolve this issue. Let me know if you need further assistance.


-thanks, Russell.

Thank you so much, Russell, I appreciate your assistance.  Normally we get good service from Microsoft support, so this particular issue was vexing.




Ray DeClercq

just tried to e-mail you on an O365 support ticket that has been open a month.  is this the best way to reach you?  I get a notice that your e-mail is invalid.

Hi @Deleted,



Contacting me via the community works. Not sure why you got a note saying my e-mail address was invalid, I'm still getting far too many mails, so it's definitely working! It's my


Generally speaking, I'd hope that our support teams are keeping you updated to tell you why it's taking longer than usual to resolve the ticket. If they aren't doing this, sending them a note to ask why normally does the job. However, I appreciate that there are times when the process doesn't run as smoothly as we'd want it to.


If you let me know your ticket number, I can take a look to see what's happening.


-thanks, Russell.


My team has been working on an Office 365 issue for over a week. I have been trying to escalate the issue and have not been able to do so. We have been asked to repeat the same task over and over and the issue is no closer to being resolved. I have an angry client missing all of their contacts and a support system them keeps telling me there is nothing they can do. If anyone has any suggestions or outlets I can reach out to, please let me know.

also here i have a ticket on office 365 support [Ticket #:7438463] and it is taking much time, and i have a communication problem with the one have the case even i have asked and attached emails running between me and here there is nothing happening, even i asked to forward the case to higher level of support but no action, please if you could help me.  

Hi @Mahmoud Saeed El-Gamal,


Thank you for flagging this and sorry that we haven't been able to deliver a great support experience for you to-date.


I've reviewed the ticket and your e-mail communications and can understand why you are frustrated.


I've shared your experience with the manager of this team and asked that we get you the support you need. Hopefully we should get you back up-and-running soon.


Let me know if I can do anything else to help.


-thanks, Russell.

Hi There,


I am so glad finding this community. Hope Russell can help.

I am migrating one of my customers to Office 365 three days ago, everything working fine until yesterday at 9:30am (3/13/2018). All outgoing emails are not working, (Remote Server returned '550 5.7.705 Access denied, tenant has exceeded threshold.), incoming is okay. I've worked with two MS support engineers with this Ticket #7608791, but no luck. 

My concern is that the system take up to 24 hours for each update/diagnostic the MS engineer did. The outgoing email has been stopped for almost 48 hours, Is there a way to escalate this issue?


Best Regards,


Another day we have no outgoing email. MS said someone will call me back shortly but I have been waited for 10 hours.

Hi @Russell Read , would this be the preferred vehicle to have a case escalated ([Ticket #:7582962]) or is there another venue?  I've had a couple of cases now opened through the Office 365 portal for a client and have experienced something less than favourable responses.  At the moment we're awaiting some response regarding an issue but other than an email response pointing me to a SI (EX131895) that I cannot find in the portal we've heard nothing.  Any suggestions on the best way to approach this?  Thanks!