Delete recurring event owned by a group ?

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Hi !


I'd like to know how I could delete an event invite owned by a Microsoft 365 group for every users of the group. I've tried to delete it from an account member + owner of the group and also from the account of the user that initiate the invite.


I'm a bit clueless. Thanks for your help !

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Hi, try using PowerShell. This cmdlet cancels meetings in the specified mailbox where the mailbox is the meeting organizer, if that’s your scenario.

Thanks for your answer !

This is indeed a good lead. Unfortunately the command says it cannot find the object I also tried with the name in quotes same result.


I then tried to use the cmdlet "Get-CalendarDiagnosticObjects" and I've been able to spot the recurring event but I'm not sure which property could help me know how to delete the event.

Hi, this shouldn’t be that difficult. Have you made yourself an owner and opened up the group calendar view? Try describing the exact scenario, who has done what from where and how did he/she do it?