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What is the best way to share company contacts between teams and outook. 


We used to use public folders for outlook, but teams cant see them.


If i add them to global contacts in the admin portal will that work? if so can i import public folder contacts to there?


i know there are crm services that will link the two.  i am looking for a native service


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How do you envision using them within Teams? You can import them into a SPO/M365 list, which you can then "tab" into a channel, for example.
being able to chat to them or add them into teams, currently i know i can add them in the guest list in the 365 admin portal. i also know that if you save a contact in outlook as long as its got a company it will eventually sync with the calls section of team, whch its not quite what i want, but progress, as thats linked to a personal contact list not a global one