Is it possible to use inbox rules to filter out emails that don't contain any text?

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I'm getting a steady stream of junk emails and no amount of reporting as junk / blocking the sender is making it stop. One commonality is that almost all of these emails contain only images, no text, within the body of the email.


Is it possible to set up my own inbox rules to send emails with only images / with no text to the junk folder? I see I can filter messages below a certain size in KB but I don't know how to find out how "small" these emails are. And I'm afraid an email with an image is not necessarily going to be smaller than an email with a few sentences of text and the filter could catch genuine emails.


I am trying to use this as a professional email so I can't set my email to only accept messages from a list of contacts, I need it to be open to the public as I can't predict what customer is going to email me. (My junk email settings don't offer anything useful, I've heard of others having settings to crank it up/down but those settings don't exist for me.)


There's gotta be some kinda clever workaround to dodge all this junk! Any ideas? In my twenty years of using email I've never had to manually filter out junk before :grinning_face_with_sweat: the future sucks lmao

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