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I have recently signed up for recurring charges for Microsoft 365 for Business only to find out my employer already has an account and I am trying to cancel the subscription.  No matter how I go about to sign in, I have no success so I cannot cancel the subscription.  All emails from MS in regards to this transaction are from a do-not-reply source, there is no way to sign in to the account and all technical support is recordings with no real solutions, just pointing me back to the starting point.


Any suggestions how to turn this off

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if you have a commercial account you need to login with the initial admin account you created to gain admin access that allows you to cancel the subscriptions. If you have lost the password you should be able to reset the password for that admin account.

@Robert Crane 


It's not a matter of forgetting the password, it's a matter of the username not being recognized.  In the do-not-reply email, they even have the username I selected.

I don't understand how the user name is not being recognised when it is being provided to you. Have you tried manually typing in the user account rather than copying and pasting?
Failing that, all I can suggest you do is actually call MS -


Get support - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Docs

I did enter the username manually as well as cut and paste. I'll try calling in the morning - you have provided a link to available phone numbers that I have tried already, it's just a recording and no live agents that provides the same information the support link that you have provided offers. I do appreciate you taking the time in trying to help out but I believe I (and you) have spent enough time on this and will just wait for the charges to appear and have my bank deny the charges. Again, thank you for your help.
Ok, my last piece of advice is to try Twitter or other MS social media accounts to see if you can attract their attention.