Looking into a portable 1 on 1 huddle Teams Room

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Hello all, as requested by my manager I am looking to setup of a Microsoft surface or intel Nuc to have at the end of a desk as a bookable meeting resource, the issue comes back to setup / pre-configuration of the device to make it fit for purpose. the MS docs cover setup of a Console ( e.g a tablet) but not a PC or surface. Has anyone got ideas or come across ways to configure this?

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Perhaps a device in 'kiosk' mode like However, I would suggest you are probably far better off with a dedicated commercial Teams device rather than investing effort setting up a PC as a that. get the right device for the right job I suggest.

Setup of kiosk mode is going to require using Intune to deploy, we are not currently using Intune for any other device onsite so weighing that up, in terms of buying a preconfigured system that is proving difficult. can you suggest a supplier and a setup that would suit this purpose? @Robert Crane 

So that is were I stated, on these pages it has some info on recommend setups, but there is no suppliers or recommend purchase channels for business, E.G the "Elite Slice SRS Bundle with Logitech Brio for small rooms" is an ok solution but there is no source for it.
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Thank you that is what I have not been able to find,
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