Transport Rules


Hi All,


Recently my company migrated from Exchange 2013 onprem to Exchange Online.


I'm using the Zero Inbox method for my email, so i've created a rule in my outlook client.


When i want to do a follow up i place myself in the BCC field and it will be dropped in the specific folder.


Since the migration this isn't working anymore. Do you have any suggestions? Do we need to configure something on the Exchange Online side?


Thanks in Advance.



Erwin Bierens

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I'm not seeing much in the way of BCC options, so maybe try a rule that moves a message that is FROM you AND TO you.

Hi Cary, the reason i was using this role was to include myself in the BCC, so the other didn't see this.

Look at Message Headers for what you search in for your e-mail address. It won't matter if it's BCC, CC, TO, or FROM