Connnectors & Connection Filter check MailFrom or From?

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Maybe this is covered in the docs somewhere but I haven't seen it...


Are "sender domain" values in Exchange checking RFC5321.MailFrom or RFC5322.From domain?


i.e. Spam Filter's pair of "Domain block/allow list" and New-Connector's statement "and the sender domain is an accepted domain for your organization.


The reason I ask is pesky contact forms on our (clients') website. Email from such things generally have RFC5322.From as but RFC5321.MailFrom as the web host's!


EOP no happy then! The new-ish Fraud detection is flagging them now and they go to Spam folder.


Or is there best practice advice? 1) Get contact-form/website/WordPress/PHP/plugins to DKIM sign -- oh I wish; or 2) fake the RFC5322.From to match MailFrom e.g. perhaps; 3) add overrides at Exchange -- connector or connection filter?





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