Prevent Autoforwarding of certain mails

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Dear all,


I would like to prevent the autoforwarding of mails coming from our HR-System.


Use Case:

During abscense of employee A all emails are forwarded to employee B.

Employee B can request for a password reset in our HR System and so access personal / confidential data of employee A.


I already tried with several transport rules, but was not successfull yet.


Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Yep, this sounds like a bad idea for reasons exactly like your example. I'm sure the HR system is not the only account susceptible to this kind of attack. Why not just create a shared mailbox that both employees have access to? What's the downside of a simple OOO message redirecting users to employee B?

@KevinCLX Fully agree to you, but you cant tell hundreds of users to change their working with Outlook they got used to for several years.


The idea behind ist: Every customer request must be answered independently if employees are currently out of office or sick or whatever. A customer who does not reach anyone does not come back or buys his stuff somewhere else. Every customer has his/her own go to person in our company with personal contact and personal caretaking.


I wonder if there is really no central server side option to mark all incoming mails from a certain domain as confidential / do not forward which prevents the out of office rules to be executed. My only idea is a local solution on everyones outlook: Activate Forward Rule but do an exception for Mails coming from the HR System (external email domain).