EHLO Tech Community!
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EHLO Tech Community!


The Exchange team blog is very happy to have become a part of the thriving and exciting Tech Community. We’ve always been a little bit different and so we hope you all enjoy our technically deep, occasionally amusing and always interesting posts.


If you are one of our long-time readers you might need to get familiar with Tech Community, there’s a lot more here than just us. If so, here’s a great guide to getting started. You can view all the content without registering, but if you want to comment or otherwise participate, you’ll need to sign up.

We are looking forward to making our new home a great place to connect with our customers, partners and friends. We hope you will continue to read and comment on the blog and also start joining in with the many discussions going on within the Exchange Community. It’s not just this blog, we also have a very active Conversation Space here too, with regular postings from many of our top MVP’s.


We migrated 1,753 blog posts and all the associated comments. You will notice the comments are not attributed to the original poster. We had to do that for privacy reasons, but we figured the content was really what was most important, and we hope you agree.


We have some great new content coming soon, a new version of the calculator for example. And guess where we’ll be announcing that news…


The Exchange Team


P.S. If you are wondering what the whole ‘EHLO’ thing is, it’s an Exchange thing. And a Jerry McGuire thing. And we’ve been using for 15 years... yes, we’ve been blogging about Exchange for that long.

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