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    , 02-11-2017

    We have an old environment of Exchange 2010 and thus we have nice working backups. When we want to restore it, create a restore database etc.

    Now we want to upgrade to 2016. When we get a restore request of, let's say, our HR department for a mailbox of 1

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    , 02-22-2017

    Hi Olaf, yes I agree with Nuno as well to keep your Exchange just to restore that mailboxes.

  •  in Exchange
    , 02-21-2017

    Forgive the cross post

    Wondering if this has been covered already.

    We have 2 companties with there own O365 tenancy and dirsync and adfs

    They want to have contacts distributed to each others domain

    Is there a easy automatic way for this.  Instead of exporting

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    , 02-21-2017

    You can automate using Powershell to Export to a file and then to import to Office 365, or you can automate using Orchestrator.

    You have to create using this methods or MIM like Adam said.

  •  in Exchange
    , 01-27-2017

    Hi All,


    Did a bit of searching and I can't find anything on any advancements in regards to shared calendars and getting them added to mobile devices easily through outlook app or default mail app


    Can I just clarify that the main routes are still;

    1. Paid addi
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    , 02-21-2017

    I really cant beleive that sharing calenders on an Android device can be a problem in 2017. But it is. Its so 1990'ies.

    The scenario is as follows. Because of the complicated proces using exchange rules to filter unsercure old Android devices (oh and MS could easily fix that provinding sets of filters), organizations are forced to use a "no android" rule. That will effectively mean that people using android platforms and perhaps wanting to aggregate multiple calendars are now forced to use Outlook App** which doesent integrate with other calendars on the device. 


    This means you get your planning spread out on multiple apps. 

    **) The Outlook App has recently detoriated - "forgets calendar data" when offline. 

    In effect the combination of stick-to-Exchange, forced no to Android native apps even on safe devices and off a less-than-good Outlook App cost collaboration/time/tires and spells a classic failed vendor lock in. It has no future. 

    Please fix this. 



    Yesterday I found that now we can connect to Exchange Online through Powershell even with MFA enabled account. This is a preview feature. IMO, this is one of the long awaited feature.


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    , 02-20-2017

    Hi NarisimaPerumal, 


    Yes, now we are just waiting to be GA to finally the clients have MFA in all Global Admins, this is  required for security.

  •  in Exchange
    , 02-20-2017

    just curious and would like to know if somone running this many servers in a JBOD configuration.

    Data below is from the latest Calc 8.4 from Role Requirement Tab. I' curious if you are running this many server then how do you manage the hardawre, OS and Ex

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    , 02-20-2017

    It could be based on space and resilience, always depends the size of Mailboxes, Distribution, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. But I agree they are many servers.

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