The time has come: our blog is moving
Published May 10 2019 12:21 PM 7,207 Views

As mentioned back in March – we are moving! Starting today, we are starting our ‘freeze’ period where we do not expect to create any new posts on this blog. We’ll start again once we have moved to our new home. To give you an idea of what’s going to happen:

  • We will take a snapshot of current blog state; posts, comments, graphics, etc.
  • We are going to import this to Tech Community blogs production environment and do some optimization
  • We will then work on enabling blog post URL redirection
  • Finally, we will turn the original blog (this one) off
  • We’ll make sure that short URLs like are redirected

We are aware of a few formatting issues that we will have at Tech Community site, and will work on sorting that out, but there should be no really bad surprises. In any event, all the above should happen by the end of next week. If there are issues that you run into, links appear broken or you find yourself in a different looking site – this is what is going on. As a reminder: if you want to keep asking questions or commenting on our posts, you will need to register with the Tech Community site because we cannot migrate blog user accounts. Additional plus is that there is a bunch of communities where you can then get engaged in too, if you are so inclined! See you on the other side!


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