What's wrong with this formula?

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It should be simple enough (but clearly i'm missing something), if there's a value in columns (E,F,G,H) that number is multiplied by the corresponding dollar amount in cells (N3,O3,P3,Q3) respectively to give me a total.  What am i'm overlooking?   Any help is greatly appreciated.    

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Hi @Deleted 


Try this formula in cell I2:


=SUM($E3*$N$3, $F3*$O$3, $G3*$P$3, $H3*$Q$3)


Essentially you need to lock down the reference cells where the legend sits. This is done using Absolute Cell referencing using $ in front of the column letter and row number.


See this image below and you'll see that when I autofill thye formula downwards, it always references the legend so my calculations will always be accurate.




I've attached the file I have mocked up for you to see things in action.


Best wishes!