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I have a "title" containing column headings on line 1, that is repeated on each page of the document using the Page Setup > Sheet > Print Titles > Rows to Repeat" command of $1:$1. I want to have this title printed on pp.1-4, but not on pp. 5 and following. How to do so?

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In Excel, setting rows to repeat on each page via the "Rows to Repeat" feature applies to the entire print area and doesn't inherently support different repeating rows for specific sections of the document. However, you can use a workaround to achieve your goal by dividing the content into separate sections and applying different print settings.

Here is a way to address this:

  1. Separate Worksheets for Different Sections:
    • Divide your content into different sections, such as placing pages 1-4 in one worksheet and pages 5 and beyond in another worksheet.
  2. Set "Rows to Repeat" for Each Section:
    • Apply the "Rows to Repeat" specifically for the first section (pages 1-4) using the Page Setup option.
    • For the second section (pages 5 and beyond), do not set any rows to repeat.
  3. Print Each Section Separately:
    • Print the first section (worksheets for pages 1-4) separately from the second section (worksheets for page 5 and onwards).

This approach allows you to control which rows repeat on different sections of your document. Although it involves printing separate sections individually, it ensures that different rows repeat on specific pages.

Keep in mind that the "Rows to Repeat" function applies to the entire print area set for a particular sheet. While it doesn’t directly allow different rows to repeat based on page numbers, separating the data into different sections or worksheets is an effective way to manage which rows repeat on specific pages. The text was created with the help of AI.


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