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EXCEL Version: 2019 MSO 64-bit

Purpose: Vendor title list comparison.

I am trying to code a summary page that shows a title that is on both datasheets that also pulls the full-text date range information from both different sheets. The first column is the title VLOOKUP (that lists titles that are on both datasheets), The 2nd and 3rd columns are corresponding dates for the title in column one for Vendor 1  The 4th and 5th columns are supposed to be the corresponding full-text date range columns for the other vendor, but it's not pulling that information. See Images below




Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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In 2019 formula entered in row 8 like

=IF( A8 = sheet!C8:c300, 7, "" )

works the same way as

=IF( A8 = sheet!C8, 7, "" )

Excel takes entire range from another sheet and from that range the value which is on the same row 8.


You need to use another VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH


Thank you! I will give that a shot.