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Hello - what's the max number of rows I can sort in Excel? I have17,000 too many?

Any tips on how to do this?


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You may sort all 1,048,576 rows.

@Sergei Baklan thanks! Not working for me. Do I need more working memory for Excel or could there be another reason? thanks!


Perhaps another reason, but that's hard to say without the file. What exactly happens, it just not sorting rest of the rows or Excel hangs or something else? 

You may check sorting itself on clean file, e.g. enter 1 in A1, Ctrl+Shift+Down, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+Down, enter 10 into last cell, select again column A and sort Z to A.

@Sergei Baklan thanks for getting back to me. I asked a colleague to try and sort the file and he has been successful - though he said it took a long time. Maybe I was just too impatient. Thanks for your advice anyway.