Save data as a picture Excel

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How do I save the data as a picture WITH the row and column headers? (i.e A,B,C,D,1,2,3,etc.) The headers get cut off whenever I try to save it as a picture.  Thank you in advance. 

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like a screen shot? windows key + shift + S works for me
I'm trying to take a screenshot of just the Data on my Excel. I can't do a standard screenshot of the desktop screen because the data extends more than the first page.

@adeits you could use the zoom feature to shrink the data size to fit but guessing that isn't what you want.

you can also print to pdf.  As for showing the headers when you print it is in the print sheet setup:


page layout -> click bottom left corner to bring up this Page Setup window -> Sheet tab -> under the "Print" heading there is a checkbox for "Row and column headings"