Vertical Scroll with Mouse Not working

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One sheet, in a workbook of many sheets, can longer scroll vertically with a mouse wheel. Keyboard arrows work. Dragging the scroll bar works. But the mouse wheel does not. Even more strangely, this only occurs on one sheet which leads me to believe it is a specific property with the sheet. This wasn't always the case for this but I can't seem to figure out what causes the change. 


I tried all the suggestions here:


But nothing worked. Looking for some help as this is quite frustrating. Thank you 


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While the problem sheet is the active sheet, press Alt+F11 to activate the Visual Basic Editor.

Has a range been entered in the ScrollArea property in the Properties pane on the left?


If so, clear this property.

Switch back to Excel.



I gave up trying to fix this.  I had the same issue on one sheet in a spreadsheet on Excel (Mac v.16).  I copied all columns onto a new sheet and that gave me the vertical scroll back.

@Hans Vogelaar , unfortunately, there was no range listed in the ScrollArea.

@TartanFeet, this worked with some variation. For others having this issue, I first copied the whole sheet and pasted formulas. I then did the same thing and pasted formatts. I then used find and replace for the original sheet name and new sheet name becuase this sheet linked to a bunch of other sheets. After that you can simply rename the new sheet back to the old sheet name.
Thanks for the help