Max and adjacent data in column

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I have a number of rows and am returning the maximum number in a specific row. eg (MAX(A1:A20)). I also wish to return the data from another row that corresponds to the cell where the maximum number is.

eg if the maximum number is in cell A6 I also wish to return the number in cell D6.

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You can try INDEX and MATCH. An alternative could be VLOOKUP. If you work with Office365 or 2021 you can apply XLOOKUP as well.

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Thank you for your speedy reply.
I explained myself incorrectly and used columns when I should have said rows. My apologies.
ie. the numbers in your column A should be in a row (say row 2) and your letters in column D should be in say row 4.
So i then need to return the maximum value in row 2 (ie 93) and the corresponding letter in row 4 (ie E)
Thank you for your help



You can try this formula.

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Many thanks, I had a typo error but all works now.@OliverScheurich