Rounding in Pivot Table

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I have created six tables (in one sheet) from data in six different sheets.

From those six tables I have merged and created two pivot tables (income and expenses)


(Please don't ask how I did it as I have no idea now)


However one, only one, of the tables is rounding up the numbers. 
My columns are all set to Number and two decimal places on both original data and table


How do I stop this rounding please??



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Please provide some example...


Screenshot 2021-01-27 13.46.33.png

 This is the original data which I have discovered is the only one that is General cells not Number cells



 This is  how it looks on the table in the lower part - 203.69 has been rounded to 204


I changed the original data to Number and refreshed the table but it did not solve the problem


@Boriana Petrova 



Just right click on this number and select Number format. This action will open Format cell window. The second table is pivot, right?

So, when select Number in Format cells window it will apply to all cells in current field.

Do the same for all fields.

Hope that help





Thank you - yes I have done that - I have even just removed all the data in the cells that are General, changed the cells to Number, re-entered the data and then updated the table and it is still rounding.

I think that the table is bringing in the rounding from the original General cells and not respecting it has changed to a number.


Because I'm not sure how to recreate what I have done I can't re-do it.


I also can't find how to access the properties to tell it to bring in the Number data and not the General (rounded) data


@Boriana Petrova 


We speak about formatting, not about rounding. To be sure, did you apply Number format with Field settings?


How do I find that setting as have no idea??




@Sergei Baklan 


That's in Field Settings

on ribbon


or expand within right pane


or from right-click menu on column




Thanks so much for your help


@Sergei Baklan 

@hokeycokey , you are welcome