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When I create a new sheet in Excel, it's automatically named Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on. In my workbook, I'm using only three sheets, but when I create a new one, it's automatically named Sheet120. I understand that Excel names new sheets in sequence. Is it possible to reset the sequence?


edit 1: By the way, I’m using excel 2016.

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I think Excel keeps track (somewhere in the background) of how many sheets have been created in any given workbook. So even if you currently have only three, if you've used and discarded -- or whatever --others, that could be the cause.


That said, it's probably better practice to give more descriptive names to the tabs anyway. For example, I often have "Basic Data" as one tab--sometimes I'll call it "Data Table" or plural "Data Tables"--and another might be "Current Summary" and another could be "Background calcs"

When you do that, especially if some of the formulas refer to other sheets, the formulas will be more intelligible. "Sheet 1" and "Sheet 2" etc makes for ambiguities. 


The image shows worksheet objects


Sheets are added to the collection in the order they are created and the names that are used by the user to identify them is of little consequence.  I support @mathetes in suggesting you rename them to something that has significance for you rather than leaving the ambiguous default names.