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Hi Experts,

                   Need to apply a Common Criteria ,in Column "G", which concatenates all the 3 Conditions as below:-



So, in Column "E" KPTRS-4 means "4" in the below Table:-



Attached is the Worksheet, Could you please share atleast two Methods/Logic to do this?

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Condition 1: B < A

Condition 2: A <= B < C

Condition 3: C <= B


Don't these conditions, if combined (concatenated) cancel one another out? e.g., it's not possible for A to be greater than B AND simultaneously less than or equal to B. Similarly it's not possible for B to be less than C AND at the same time greater than or equal to C.  So (if I'm right in my understanding of what you're asking) concatenating/combining the conditions so that all need to be met is to write a formula where the combined conditions cannot be met.


And all I've done in using A, B, and C in the comparisons above is use the column labels.


Or do you mean not to combine (as in insist on each condition being met), but rather just write a formula in which one of the conditions can be met (in which case., use OR instead of AND).  And maybe use the IFS function instead of IF, if there's a priority or preferred sequence to the three.

Thanks @mathetes , yes my bad, let me check the Criteria one more time will get back to you..