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Can someone please provide a suitable resolution to remove the Recommended for You setting in Excel (also Word and PowerPoint)? It's beyond useless (see below for a real-world example) and only serves to confuse our user base more than they already are (and annoy the IT staff attempting to support them).


I'm referring to this: Recommended files in Office - Microsoft Support


And no, I'm not looking to collapse/minimize the section -- I mean disable or completely remove it from the view of our end users. I've investigated Group Policy and came up empty.


Why do we want to remove this "yet another" useless function Microsoft engineers have convinced themselves people want? Because in the real-world, AI/ML ain't ready for primetime. I'm not sure which one is funnier -- the ignoramus suggestion "predict which files you're most likely to want to work on next and presents those as a set of cards you can choose from" or the epic fail that comes as a result? I've witnessed "feed after feed" of more than a dozen employees who've complained about this ridiculousness and the summation is the same -- "I don't want nor do I need to work on any of the files listed". And the suggestion of "what to do" when this prediction fails (I.e., right-click on the entry in question and remove it) is total garbage. For grins, I went through the exercise with one employee and we stopped after removing 100 of them...she still has a total of 6 to choose from. LOL.


Please make it stop, Microsoft. You're better than this.


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Take a screen-shot of the page and paste it in an empty Excel sheet. Then click Help, Feedback, I don't like something and tell them what you do not appreciate!