Excel 4.0 Macro (hopefully) simple questioin

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I am writing 4.0 Macro code and have written the Macro to Find and Replace feature using the  Formula.Replace function. It works fine and replaces exactly what I need. The Macro then stops and the dialogue box pops up and says:  "All done - we have made 15 replacements". I then have to manually hit the Enter Key to clear the dialogue box or click on the OK button in the dialogue box to close the box.

I want the Macro to close the dialogue box and continue on with the rest of the Macro. I cannot find the Macro 4.0 code for Enter or OK to have the Macro close the box automatically after the Find and Replace and continue on.

The code I am using for the find and replace is  FORMULA.REPLACE(0,,,,,) Where I am replace all cells with a value of Zero with a Blank Cell. The Find and Replace works great I just need the code for Enter or OK to close the dialogue box. Or am I missing some number or comma in my 


Thank you for help

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Try ERROR(FALSE). Best to read through the docs though: