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Output format of if function

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I have an if statement that compares a calculated number to a reference value in a different cell. The output shows either the calculated value if it is greater than the reference value or it shows “<“ and the reference value. The problem I have is that it’s all scientific notation. The reference value is set up to display as 0.00E-00 in it’s inital cell but then displays as 0.000000000E-00 when it is in the output in my formula. Normally I could just adjust it but because I have text (<) and the value (in the formula it would be “<“&N9 for example). Is there anything I can do to make the output have less decimals?


For example: the current ouput of my function shows - <1.67163111589748E-15

I want it to show - <1.67E-15


Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Use something like


="<"&TEXT(N9, "0.00E+00")

That worked! Thanks!