MS Excel Cell Formatting.


Hi Everyone!

Here I want to get the only number value from a cell,,, like as: I have a value in a cell which is exactly same as 5,930.00 which you can say this cell normally formatted as general and in this cell no cell formatting not working to remove the decimal count and also the separator formatting not working if I want to remove separator,,, so now I tried to get the value format from 5,930.00 to 5930 by using left or right formula but failed,,

Please if any of you have a solution then please replay... I attach below a screen short for understanding,,



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Try the following:

Select the Unit Price column.

Set the number format to General (or to Number or to Currency, if you prefer).

On the Data tab of the ribbon, click Text to Columns.

Without changing any settings, click Finish.

Does that help?


@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks a lot bro,, Finally it works,,,