Formatting: merged cells vs word wrap in service report

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Background:  Over the years, we developed a spreadsheet in house for our estimating, invoicing and service reports, made up of multiple sheets within the spreadsheet.  Fields are populated in subsequent sheets from the Estimates sheet (Customer info, materials, etc).  The Invoice sheet draws labor hours and billing from the Service Report sheet.  The service report has rows for detailing hours, and work performed.  The work performed is composed of several cells merged together (for alignment purposes). It is a text cell, and the purpose of this cell is for detailed work entries, and is set to 'Wrap Text'. 

Ultimately, the Invoice and Service Report gets printed out and is a customer-facing document.


I had a similar setup in LibreOffice, which worked perfectly, until we made the move to MS for our reporting.  Now because of limitations of merged cells, the Service Report sheet no longer wraps the text, and the rows have to be re-sized manually, which can be time consuming, to say the least. 


Question: It sounds as if I have to change the methodology for our reporting; What options are there in Excel to format a customer-viewable service report, without merged cells, that is clean? 

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You don't really give enough information for a truly meaningful reply. It sounds as if what you've developed over the years has, to use a cliche, "grown like topsy."



Whether that's fully accurate or not, it does seem as though you might want to start from scratch to rebuild. Along the way, you could look into building a process that uses Excel to store the basic data over the life of a given contract, and Word (via MailMerge) to produce the final printed documents you send to the customers. You could have coded phrases with the merge process itself producing more complete sentences in Word.