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I am trying to create a formula which will return blank if cells a6:a8 are all NO, and to display cell b6 if this isn't correct. See attached spreadasheet. I have a formula below but it doesnt work:



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On which Excel you are?

If correct the syntax




formula works

Thanks Sergei, almost works. I am trying to conditionally format the formula cell to go red when the result is blank. However the result is not blank. This may be becaue a6:a8 is NO as a result of a dropdown rather than inputting "NO"


For the conditional formatting most probably it shall be another formula, but I didn't catch the logic - you would like to highlight something if ALL in range A6:A8 are "NO"; or you'd like to highlight for each record where the value in column A is "NO".


Perhaps you may provide small sample colored manually to illustrate the idea.

Yes I have attached what I am trying to do I have added conditional formatting in c6, and would like this to be red when one of the dropdown boxes between a6:a8 is a yes rather than a no.

I have amended how I have done it now and managed to get what I need working. Thank you so much for your help


That could be like


with formula



You are welcome. That could be done by several ways, depends on your actual data and which approach is more comfortable for you from maintenance point of view.