Auto export of CSV file into excel and filters

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I have a company that I run and the daily numbers are populated by POS system in CSV format. I manually then export the CSV to my desktop location and then manually import the file everyday in excel and finish the books for the day.

The POS system also has an auto export feature where it can auto export the daily files at close of business to an email address of my choosing.

How can I have that automated exported file from my email to be automatically imported in excel and converted everyday without me having to do it manually. Maybe a way to connect the excel to my email or a database where the files are exported automatically in that database from the POS system and from there the excel automatically imports them and using the preset filters to seperate, generates the usable sheet for me.

Second part of the question ...

I have a team of sales people using multiple accounts in the POS system. They get paid depending on the sales they have generated. For example Team A has a team leader and 4 people and Team B has a team leader and 5 people.

The POS exported file gives me individual results of each person and then when I import it in excel. I have to manually select each person, move them around and get a final tally for each team. It is a time consuming process.

Is there a way to point excel to automatically select users based on their individual ID number and create a team And automatically tally the team results for me instead of giving me individually and me having to do it manually.

Example command to excel

ID 223 , ID 332 , ID 357 = Team 1

Data from column B, sales data, combine and report it under team 1
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With your permission, if I may add my opinion, there are on-mass POS possibilities / solutions that are offered professionally with Excel on the Internet.

All you have to do is enter POS with Excel and suggested solutions from € 10.00 will appear.

On the other hand, setting up POS with Excel is, in my opinion, not the best of luck.


Microsoft also has a ready-made solution here that you can help design depending on what you need. ask for Dynamics 365 Commerce   about the various options, as well as the prices :).


In order not to be misunderstood, I am not an employee of Microsoft, nor do I work with Microsoft in any form. Also, don't promote Microsoft. I'll show you the options you can have in this forum.
It would be inappropriate for me to offer anything else, even if there was one :)).
I also wish you a lot of fun with Excel.
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