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I am looking for assistance with IF AND functions to help me determine categories based on values. The screenshot below shows what I'm trying to achieve; a narrative is typed in columns K-M. Can anyone assist?




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Hey Amber, please try the following:
Cell K3: =IF(OR($F3=10,$G3=10,$H3=10,$I3=10),IF(AND(AND($F3>=11,$F3<=19)=FALSE,AND($G3>=11,$G3<=19)=FALSE,AND($H3>=11,$H3<=19)=FALSE,AND($I3>=11,$I3<=19)=FALSE),"True/Yes",""),"")
Cell L3: =IF(OR($F3=10,$G3=10,$H3=10,$I3=10),IF(OR(AND($F3>=11,$F3<=19)=TRUE,AND($G3>=11,$G3<=19)=TRUE,AND($H3>=11,$H3<=19)=TRUE,AND($I3>=11,$I3<=19)=TRUE),"True/Yes",""),"")
Cell M3: =IF(AND($F3<>10,$G3<>10,$H3<>10,$I3<>10),IF(OR(AND($F3>=11,$F3<=19)=TRUE,AND($G3>=11,$G3<=19)=TRUE,AND($H3>=11,$H3<=19)=TRUE,AND($I3>=11,$I3<=19)=TRUE),"True/Yes",""),"")

And then just drag the formula down for rows 4 and 5

If this doesn't work just let me know.
Thank you so very much! Worked like a charm.