Dynamic sorting on a formula

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I am looking for help on where to place the sort function on my table.

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Please provide more detailed information, preferably with screenshots and/or an attached workbook.

How do I attach a screenshot?


Try dragging an image file (.jpg or .png) from File Explorer into a reply.

It does seem to want to take it. I have compressed it thinking it was to big. Still no success.


Can you describe your problem in more detail in words?


If you wish, you can send screenshots or a workbook to me in a private message (click on my user picture)

I have an stock tracking spreadsheet. It includes a column with 3 risk categories as well as a total gain/loss column and many more columns. I want to sort from high to low on the gain/loss column as the price changes. The stacks are updated continuously. I want to sort to update continuously

I hope this helps. I would be glad to share the sheet if I could figure out how. Please advise.


Is this an automatic stock query? If so, I'll have to leave this to someone else; I am not familiar with those.

Yes it is. Thank you.